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April 2014
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The all powerful bike lobby

Our friend, colleague, mentor, internationally known bike advocate and Long Beach resident Charlie Gandy recently penned an article on the Pedal Love Website Titled “the all powerful bike lobby.” As Charlie points out in the article bicyclists are becoming an important voting group.  In cities across California and across the nation bicyclists are speaking up [...]

Highlighting the need for continued Safe Routes to School Education programs

The purpose of this Post is to highlight the need for supporting our Safe Routes to School education program in Long Beach as well as at the State Level. I thought that you would find the following graph of interest. It was put together by a friend who lives in Orange County using the SWITRS [...]

Long Beach one of top 10 cities for those under 35

The online publication “Vocativ,” which bills itself as “coupling the power of cutting-edge technology with a take-no-prisoners attitude toward news gathering and story telling…to engage with the digital generation” has just published their list of top 50 places for people under 35 to live.  And Long Beach breaks into the top 10 at number 8.  [...]

Upping the game in New York…

I’m spending the week in New York and just got my first taste of Citibike, the NYC Bike Share program. It is amazing.  Kiosks are everywhere. And even on a snowy day the bikes are well used.  The other thing that is so striking is how they have converted so much of their roadways to [...]

What are the Long Beach Mayoral Candidates saying about being bike friendly?

What are the Long Beach Mayoral Candidates saying about being bike friendly? Election season has had it official kick off in Long Beach.  And this election will have a major impact on the future of Long Beach as a bike friendly community. In April the City of Long Beach will elect a new Mayor and [...]

Why the 3 foot law is important

Last week Governor Brown signed what is commonly known as “the 3 foot law,” which goes into effect in September of 2014.  The law requires that motorists maintain at least three feet of space when passing bicyclists or wait until there is adequate room to pass safely . Why do we need a 3 foot law? [...]

LA Times – Pro Bike – where does your local paper stand?

There was a great opinion piece in the LA Times over the weekend (well great if you are probicycling in the LA area); Sharing the road: Can LA be a cyclist’s town? The piece by the LA Times Editorial Staff lays out the case for the paper being pro bike. And it is a very [...]

Help make PCH safer for everyone

Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most widely used routes for bicyclists in Southern California.  Unfortunately it is also dangerous. In the last year alone we have had several bicyclists killed or seriously hurt on PCH.  We have had bicyclists killed on PCH in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Sunset Beach. And just over [...]

Action Alert: Push for Triple Bike Racks on Buses

An alert reposted from the LA County Bike Coalition: We need your help to get legislation to allow triple bike racks on buses! All you need to do is to click here…cut and past the material in italics below…add your name and hit send. Of course if you want to know what you are supporting [...]

A Bike Valentine from Long Beach