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August 2014
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Damon Dunn Candidate for LB Mayor responds to Active Living / Biking and Walking questions

BIKEable Communities posed a series of 5 questions to each of the active candidates for elected positions in Long Beach that will be contested in the upcoming election on Tuesday June 3. Below are the answers from Long Beach Mayoral Candidate Damon Dunn to 5 questions posed by BIKEable Communities regarding active living, Biking and [...]

Candidate Questions on Active Living / Bicycling and Walking in Long Beach

Last week BIKEable Communities sent the following e-mail and questions to candidates for Long Beach Mayor, the contested council sets (Districts 1 and 5) and the State Assembly seat for Long Beach and San Pedro.  We will be posting the responses as we receive them from the candidates. Below is the e-mail and the five [...]

BIKEable Communities to host aid station at Anaheim Blue Line Station for Bike to Work Day

Thursday May 15 is bike to work day in LA County. – Free bagels – Free Coffee – Free Juice Blue Line at Anaheim from 6:30 to 8:30 AM BIKEable Communities, the Long Beach based bike advocacy organization, will be providing coffee, juice and bagels for anyone on a bike across the street from the [...]

Vista Street Bike Boulevard….success

Vista Street Bike Boulevard in Long Beach was put in just over 2.5 years ago.  When it was put in most residents were enthused.  Even if they didn’t bike they saw it as an opportunity for traffic calming and reducing cut through traffic.  But of course – as in any neighborhood there were a few [...]

Bike Share bikes sighted in Downtown LB

A Long Beach bike-share bike was sighted this morning in downtown Long Beach. The bike was piloted by our mobility coordinator Nate Baird.  The bikes look great…and according to folks who have ridden them, they ride well.  They are not a race bike…but a very good urban bike share bike. The City has issued ten [...]

Long Beach…named 3rd best city in US for Cycling

  THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS TO CITY STAFF, OUR CIVIC LEADERSHIP AND OUR ADVOCATES According to a recently released report from the Alliance for Biking and Walking Long Beach is now the 3rd best city in the US for bicycling. Long Beach has had a remarkable increase in the number of people biking over the past [...]

Volunteers needed for Bike Fest – Saturday May 3

Want to volunteer for one of the coolest events in Long Beach….Bike Fest 2014… Saturday May 3 in downtown Long Beach.   Want Free Beer?  A t-shirt…lunch? Over the course of the day (starting at 9:00 am and going until just after 7:00 pm) we will need about 50 volunteers.  There is a wide variety [...]

Help make the 2nd and PCH area bike and pedestrian friendly

Would you like to see the  2nd and PCH area of Long Beach be more bike and pedestrian friendly? Would you like to see pedestrian paths that allow you and your family to view the wetlands in SE Long Beach?  You ask…what wetlands…I thought those were just oil fields. The City is undertaking a review [...]

Rob Jones – 5000 reasons to be inspired by someone on a bike.

Rob Jones is an inspiration to all.  Rob was a Marine in Afghanistan when he lost the lower part of both legs to an IED.  When he came back to he US he was determined not to let the loss slow him down.  It took him 10 months to get to where he could ride [...]

Rob Jones, a double-amputee Marine, who lost a portion of both legs while serving in Afghanistan, is about to complete a 4800 mile bike trip across the US. His epic journey will end this weekend in Camp Pendalton . Please help us welcome Rob to Long Beach on Thursday or escort him on the final [...]