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April 2014
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Bikeable Communities is offering the Go Big or Go Home T-Shirt in memory of our dear friend Mark Bixby whose life ended tragically in an accident on March 16, 2011. Mark's favorite motto was "Go Big or Go Home" and in that spirit we will continue the pursuit of his mission for bicycle advocacy. 
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Rob Jones – 5000 reasons to be inspired by someone on a bike.

Rob Jones is an inspiration to all.  Rob was a Marine in Afghanistan when he lost the lower part of both legs to an IED.  When he came back to he US he was determined not to let the loss slow him down.  It took him 10 months to get to where he could ride a bike.  And now he is completing a 5000 plus mile journey across the US to raise awareness and funds for veterans.

rob jones..inspiration We were fortunate to have Rob stop in Long Beach one day before he reached his final destination in Oceanside, just outside of Camp Pendelton.  Here is a link to a few photos from Rob’s visit to Long Beach and the beginning of his penultimate day of riding across the US.

 Thanks much to the Maya Hotel for hosting Rob’s stay in Long Beach and to LBPD for the escort though our great city.

 This is one more example of how Long Beach is a Great Bike Friendly City.

Rob Jones, a double-amputee Marine, who lost a portion of both legs while serving in Afghanistan, is about to complete a 4800 mile bike trip across the US. His epic journey will end this weekend in Camp Pendalton .

rob jonesPlease help us welcome Rob to Long Beach on Thursday or escort him on the final leg of his journey on Friday morning.

You have three opportunities to meet and if you like ride with Rob.

  1. A reception on Thursday afternoon at the Hotel Maya from 4-5 pm.  This is a free public event.
  2. Ride into and though Long Beach with Rob on Thursday Morning…  Rob will be leaving Dockweiler Beach behind LAX on PCH at 8:00 arriving in Long Beach at about 10:30. His route will be across the I-710 and Los Angeles River at W. Wardlow Rd. to N. Maine Ave. to W. 33rd Way to Golden Ave. to San Francisco Ave. to De Forest Ave. to Fairbanks Ave. to Loma Vista Dr. to W. 8th St. to Magnolia Ave to Ocean Ave to 2nd St. to PCH and onward to Seal Beach.
  3. Ride South with Rob on Friday morning: Rob will leave Hotel Maya on Friday morning at 8 a.m. by support truck and drive back to Seal Beach. He will get on his bike in Seal Beach and continue to ride to Oceanside.

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Don’t restrict bicycle access to the Newport Back Bay

The Newport Back Bay conservancy is proposing to restrict bicycling to north bound only along the Newport Back Bay trail.  Don’t let this happen.

The Newport Beach Bike Master plan committee is meeting this evening at 5:00 in room 100 of the Newport Beach Civic Center and will discuss bicycle access to the Newport Back Bay.

newport bay restructionsThe first item of business is discussion of a letter to the committee from the Newport Bay Conservancy limiting bicyclist access to the back bay. This is a critical bicycling corridor connecting PCH to the San Diego Creek Trail, and bidirectional access to the Back Bay needs to be open for cyclists. Their proposal is to allow bicyclists to only go north bound – and to maintain vehicle traffic. Read more »

Bikes and peds take over the streets of San Diego, Long Beach and LA

If it is late March / early April it must be time for bikes and pedestrians to take over the streets across southern California.

Three events within eight days demonstrate the commitment by southern California cities and their leaders to become more bike and pedestrian friendly; Sand Diego’s CicloSDias, Long Beach Grand Prix Open Street and the grand daddy of them all…Ciclavia in LA.  These three events are part of an open streets movement where city streets are closed to motor vehicles and opened to anyone to walk or roll on non-motorized wheels (with the exception of a our friends on low-powered electric bikes).

ciclosdia march 2014-6694CicloSDias:  This was the second year for San Diego’s CicloSDias. This year’s event was held in Pacific Beach (locally known as PB) on a 2.5 mile course that attracted thousands of walkers and rollers.

Pacific Beach is a haven for the college crowd.  Just a few miles from UCSD and San Diego State it is one of the most popular places for the young to hang out.  And on any day you will see an amazing number of bikes on the streets along with the normal assortment of vehicles.

But on Sunday the vehicles were gone.  And people came out by the thousands to enjoy the open streets of PB. Read more »

Cruz the Long Beach Grand Prix Course

You are invited to join BIKEable Communities to bike, walk, skate, blade or board around the Long Beach Grand join BCPrix Course next Tuesday April 1 (no it’s not an April fools joke) between 11:30 and 1:00. 

The course will be closed to all motorized vehicles… giving you an opportunity for an up close on-track view of the famous Long Beach Grand Prix Course. 

Come out and join us for this unique Long Beach experience.
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A bike ride in Memory of our friend and colleague Mark Bixby

Join us this Sunday morning for a low-speed bicycle ride in remembrance of our friend Mark Bixby, who had such a profound impact on not only everyone who new him, but on the entire city of Long Beach.

evan_1Join us Sunday March 16th at 9:30 am for a low-speed group bicycle ride in remembrance of our friend and colleague Mark Bixby.

Roadies, commuters and recreational riders – adults and children – are encouraged to participate in this 2.5 mile route beginning and ending in front of the Forming Wave Sculpture at the Belmont Pool.

Please support Mark’s vision for bicycle advocacy joining on this ride and by donating to BIKEable communities, the Long Beach based bike advocacy group Mark helped to pioneer.

BIKEable Communities is offering the Go Big or Go Home T-shirts in memory of Mark whose life ended tragically in an accident on March 16, 2011, when a private plane with Mark and five others crashed on take-off from the Long Beach airport.

Please help us remember Mark and what a great friend he was for all of us.

Encourage your Senators and Representatives to help reduce bike and ped fatalities

Pedestrians and bicyclists represent almost 16% of all traffic fatalities and the number is rising. Even as overall traffic fatalities are going down, the number of bicyclists killed on our roads is increasing.

Please click on this link to let your representatives know  that our Federal and State Highway departments need to be setting safety goals not just for vehicles but for bicyclists and pedestrians as well to help reduce this rising number of pedestrian and bicyclists fatalities.

McBride Tean Center Helmet Prog-4893Last week, 700 participants at the National Bike Summit visited their members of Congress and asked them to sign on to a critical bill that would require the U.S. Department of Transportation establish a specific target to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Months ago, the League of American Bicyclists mobilized bicyclists behind this bill because we knew DOT was unlikely to do this on their own.

Today, unfortunately, we were proven right.The DOT just issued a proposed national traffic safety goal that doesn’t include a specific target or goal for reducing the number of bicyclists and pedestrians killed on our roadways.

Long Beach Mayoral Forum on Active Living and Bicycling

Tuesday 7:00 PM at the Art Theater, 2025 4th  Street

In the heart of RetroRow.

mayoral forum

BIKEable Communities along with LA County Bike Coalition, Steetblogs, the Sierra Club and the Long Beach Post are co-hosting a Long Beach Mayoral Forum on Active Living, bicycling, walking and transit.

How fortunate are we to be in one of the few cities in the nation where the leading Mayoral Candidate are willing and eager to get together and discuss their views on the importance of promoting an active living culture and continuing to work toward the goal of being the Most Bike Friend City in the US. This commitment on the part of our mayor candidates  again shows why Long Beach is on the leading edge as one of the most bike friendly cities in the US.

Our mayoral candidate participants will include Doug Otto, Council Members Robert Garcia and Gerrie Schiepske, Assembly Member, Bonnie Lowenthal and Richard Camp.

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Promoting bike and ped safety in your community – the message matters

What does this sign “caution motorists have right of way” at a marked cross walk tell you about a community’s respect for pedestrians and bicyclists?

motorists have right of wayRecently I had the opportunity to spend two weeks bicycling and walking in New Zealand. It is an absolutely beautiful place to ride…with great roads, wonderful people and awesome scenery. We spend most of the time on the South Island outside of cities.  And the riding was delightful.  I would highly recommend it as a bicycling destination.  However, beware the hills are steep….I did see 19% on my Garmin at one point and sustained pitches of 12-15% weren’t uncommon.

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So Cal’s 1st bikeshare is up and operating in Fullerton

Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) gets the award for having the first bike share program up and operating in southern California in Fullerton.

fullerton bike share 1While the program is still in a test phase…it is up and operating and you can use it.

This first phase of the Fullerton program, which is funded by OCTA and operated by BikeNation, has 10 kiosks and 100 bikes.  Four of the kiosks are located on the CSU Fullerton campus, one at Fullerton City College, one at the Fullerton train station and four others in the downtown area.

To check out the system I went to the Fullerton Train Station, walked up to the kiosk, followed the on screen instructions and within about 2 minutes had a bike out of the kiosk that was ready to ride. The system is easy to use and the bikes easy to ride.

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