Bikeable Communities has been a prominent force for bicycle advocacy in Long Beach since 1998. Lead by Mark Bixby, before his untimely death, the organization has successfully advocated on a local, regional, and national level to shape policies, projects, and initiatives which have significantly improved and enhanced the quality of life and raising the profile of Long Beach as a sustainable city to live, work, and play.


Bikeable Communities is working to achieve our mission through the promotion of Safety, Access, Cooperation and Participation for everyone who rides – or wants to ride – a bicycle in and around their community.


Increase the number of bicycle facilities and promote education to facilitate bike friendly streets throughout the city.


Keep streets, avenues, boulevards and bridges open and safe for bicyclists and pedestrians to ensure safe navigation through their environment with a carefree spirit.


Foster communication between municipalities to extend and maintain safe routes across city boundaries.


Encourage people to ride their bikes to enjoy the excitement and experience the benefits of two wheel mobility by sponsoring fun, family friendly rides and events for all levels of riders.

, as more people ride their bikes the streets become safer. Ride your bike and be a part of the solution. Become a member or donate today to add your voice to the volume of our message about Safety, Access, Cooperation and Participation.


Local, regional and state government agencies, as well as communities and community organization, to enhance bike friendly policies, and safe routes for cyclists.

Local businesses to create positive business results through implementation of bike-friendly policies and building bike-friendly infrastructure.

Bicyclists, bicycling organizations and motorists to educate everyone who uses our roads on safe cycling /driving behavior and attitudes

Work with other advocacy organizations to further the goal of creating safe connections that meet the needs of all cyclists


Notable efforts by Bikeable Communities to advocate, promote and support active transportation include:

Leading the effort to secure a dedicated bike path on the soon-to-be reconstructed

Safer bike facilities on Pacific Coast Highway from Long Beach to Huntington Beach by removing bus and tow-truck parking and other unsafe barriers

Developing innovative infrastructures such as protected bike lanes, shared-road facilities and the development and recent refurbishment of , the first bike-transit center in the U.S. now offering 24/7 access.

Assistance raising Long Beach’s bike-friendly status with the League of American Bicyclists to Silver, and the launch of and the , now a charitable operation of Miller Children’s Hospital and a major draw for Downtown Long Beach.

Increase interest and involvement with the city’s youth as well as the bike-racing community through cooperation with the Long Beach Park and Rec Department and sponsors to provide training events at each Tuesday throughout summer.