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Sharrows…they make a difference

A recent article published by the Transportation Research Board suggests that sharrows do not significantly improve streets for bicyclists.  In Long Beach I would suggest that they have improved our streets.  We can look at the examples from 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, 4th street in RetroRow and Pacific Avenue between Ocean Blvd and PCH. […]

Tell Congress: I Support Bicycling and Walking

As many of you know Federal funding is not only critical for funding our roads and bridges, it is also vital for funding facilities for biking and walking.  The transportation budget is large…over $80 billion dollars. And we are asking for just a small portion of this (about 1%) to go towards transportation alternatives including […]

Westminster to be repaved with bike lane…BUT…

Honorable Mayor Deaton and City Council Members, As you are no doubt aware on Monday the City is beginning a repaving and restriping project on Westminster between Seal Beach Blvd and Bolsa Chica.  The project is funded by a bicycle grant with the intent of improving safety for bicyclists.  Yet the current plans do little more that repave […]

1st Bike Roundtable

BIKEable Communities and Molina Health Care hosted the 1st Long Beach Bike Round table last week where attendees got to hear from a variety of people who are helping to make Long Beach one of the most bike friendly cities in the US.  As I think that you will see from the notes below what […]

Get your lights here…Operation firefly comes to Long Beach

Riding in the dark….need a light!!!! How often have you been out in the early morning or in the evening and encountered someone bicycling without a light.  Or maybe you have done it.  You know it’s not safe, but people do it anyway. Some do it because they just haven’t gone out to buy lights. […]

Controlling traffic speed – it’s safer for everyone

As bicyclists we are all too well aware – bikes interacting with high speed vehicles can be a recipe for disaster for the bicyclist. A recent traffic engineering development, where signals automatically go to red in all four directions when there is no traffic…and go to red if vehicles are approaching the intersection at a […]

Understanding bike infrastructure – roundabouts

Almost three years ago the City of Long Beach put in two roundabouts and five smaller traffic circles on Vista Street as part of making it a bike boulevard. Since installing the roundabouts and circles overall traffic accidents have fallen by over 50% and accidents at the two major intersections where roundabouts were installed have […]

California’s 3 foot law

One September 16, 2014 California’s 3 foot law goes into effect.  The law requires that motorists give bicyclists at least 3 feet of clearance when passing. The intent of the law is to make is safer for bicyclists to use our streets and roadways.  Anyone who rides a bicycle is aware of the danger of […]