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December 2011
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Celebrating the holidays with Bikeable Communities

There is nothing like a parade to help celebrate the holiday’s.  And this year Bikeable Communities joined into Long Beach’s Belmont Shore festivities.  With over 35 participants the group came together to promote the message of Share our Streets and to raise funds for bicycling  advocacy and education.

The message conveyed was…..Share our Streets.  Streets are public spaces that bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians need to share…and where they need to feel safe as well as welcome.  Bicyclists ranging in age from under 5 to over 70 joined in the fun to promote the message of sharing our streets.




The group was also there to promote Mark Bixby’s message of “Go Big…or Go Home.”  In other words if it is worth doing…it’s worth doing well and putting in a big effort in order to deliver big results.  We were incredibly fortunate to have Mark’s mother Betsy and his step-father Denny join us for the ride in the parade.

And we really did have some of our participants “Go Big.” Check out the decorated bikes, the decorated dog…and Michael Bauch’s pulling his hand built boat – “Michael that really is going big in the spirit of Mark Bixby.”

Join us next year….for the Belmont Shore Holiday parade…to share the message of Sharing our Streets, Bike Safety, Bike Advocacy….and GO BIG….























































































































Happy Holidays, Safe bicycling….and Go Big….from Bikeable Communities….

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