Dancing with bike racks

I’ve seen bike racks used for lots of things…but this was the first time I had seen them used as balance bar for dance. Dancing with Long Beach and the Dorcas Roman Dance Theater bring dance demonstrations to public spaces throughout the city of Long Beach. On a Friday afternoon I found Dorcas Roman, the […]

Can you answer these safety questions – a safety survey

The City of Long Beach is inviting residents to participate in a Bike Safety Survey. The  goal is to measure local awareness of both driver and bicycle safety rules, and to elicit feedback on which bicycle-friendly amenities would encourage ridership. The 5-minute survey also includes a brief safety quiz, with correct answers provided upon completion. […]

Myth Busters…the Los Angeles Business Journal

There are several common perceptions about cycling and cyclists – many of which just aren’t true.  Such as “cyclists don’t pay road taxes..and thus shouldn’t have “equal access to the road.”  Or “bike lanes cost too much.”  Or a biggy “reducing driving kills business.” In a recent op-ed piece in one of the most widely […]

Tour of Long Beach raises $130,000 for Charity

The third annual Long Beach Bike Festival and second annual Tour of Long Beach were a great success. The Tour, which had a 31 mile option that toured many of beaches, parks and neighborhoods, and a metric century option (which did the loop twice). [youtube EI0j6ZDLRR0 nolink]

The Tour of Long Beach

The 2nd annual tour of Long Beach is being held tomorrow May 14, 2011.  Mayor Bob Foster along with former Olympian and pro cyclist Tony Cruz will lead over 2000 cyclists on a 31 mile tour around Long Beach. The tour takes riders through Long Beach parks, scenic neighborhoods the downtown water front and the city’s beaches and […]

Long Beach Bike Festival Movie Night

Looking for something to do on a Friday evening?  How about bringing your family to downtown Long Beach to see Riding with the Dutch along with a short tribute to Mark Bixby, founder and first director of the Long Beach Bike Festival? Our good friend Michael Bauch, will be showing his film Riding with the […]

The value of having a strong bike advocate on your staff

What can a world-class bike advocate do for your city and its bike program? Long Beach can tell you. In an excellent article in today’s Long Beach paper, the Press-Telegram,  Doug Kirkorian talks about Charlie Gandy, Long Beach’s mobility coordinator (what is a mobility coordinator you ask…in this case it’s the person in charge of putting together […]